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Welcome Home!

A big welcome to the Class of 2015 and all returning fellow Yotes!  After leaving the Club Fair tonight, I was thinking about how great our campus is.  It was so nice to see familiar faces intermixed with the new freshmen, all ready to start a new year, and excited about the opportunities that are ahead.

I know that the other bloggers and I have written a lot about what we love about our school, but it’s time to hear from you!  Let’s start a conversation about what we appreciate most about C of I.

What is your favorite thing about our campus?  Your favorite event? Favorite spot to relax?  Freshmen, what made you choose C of I? Alumni/staff, do you have any favorite memories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear!  Feel free to leave a comment below!

PHOTO: The College of Idaho's Class of 2015 at Camp Idahaven in McCall.

-Melanie Palmer