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Freshmen, beware…

To the freshmen:

Hayman is the ultimate stomping ground, and all of us here at the C of I are willing to admit it.  We all had “the best floor,” “the best class,” “the best fishbowl” … yes, yes it’s true.  However, there is something I must bring to your attention, and the sooner, the better.

One morning you may wake up, open your door to brush your teeth, or grab some water, or scare your hallmate, only to find a mattress in the hall.  Like literally up in your doorframe.  Maybe you will discover the three or four couches strewn across the floor.  You most certainly won’t be able to reach the bathroom stalls with the tables, armchairs, and additional mattresses packed into the bathroom.  Who would cause such a jumble, you ask? Who would do such a thing?

I don’t know… I never caught ‘em.

PHOTO: The only remains.

-Sara Davis