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From Moody to Motivated

I’ll be honest here – I was in a funk for a little while.  I’m sure I won’t get many sympathy votes now, but I have a very unusual class schedule this semester.  I only have class Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  (Yes, I’m taking 12 credits, but 9 of them are on these nights, and 3 are independent.)  As a senior, most would consider this to be one of the perks, but I find it somewhat troubling.

For the first two weeks of class, I found myself staying up too late, never setting an alarm, and sleeping in for eternity.  But then, when it would come time for class, or for volleyball practice every night, I would have zero motivation.  I would become lethargic, moody, and insecure of myself.  I was not a fun person.

However, by the third week, I decided that I needed change - I had to change my routine, and ultimately, I needed an attitude adjustment.

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed, or in my case, underwhelmed by your daily routine, here are some of the things that helped me to get out of the funk:

  • Be active in the morning.  I find that even though I don’t have to wake up early some mornings, I feel better during the day when I wake up and work out.  I’m not a super hard core trainer or anything; I usually just do a little cardio for about 30-45 minutes, but getting up and moving around really helps to stay awake and lively throughout the day.
  • Eat breakfast.  If I feel that putting my sneakers on will be painstakingly difficult some mornings, I plan a breakfast date with a friend who has early classes.  This way, someone is relying on me to meet them in the Caf, which then forces me to wake up.  I bring my backpack with me so that I can mozy on over to the library to work on homework after I eat.
  • Get dressed.  This seems like an obvious one, but I mean dressed in terms of not wearing sweatpants, which is usually my go-to clothing of choice.  I feel better about myself when I put more effort into what I’m wearing.  I walk taller, smile more, and can usually get more work done.  (Disclaimer:  You can wear whatever you want, I’m just sayin’ that this works for me.)
  • Walk around campus.  Since the weather has been pretty nice this semester, I’ve really enjoyed spending time outside.  When I feel like I’ve been indoors for too long, I’ll make a trip out of checking my mail, or go see if friends are studying in the quad.  The fresh Idaho air always feels nice.

So fellow Yotes and blog readers, I hope that these tips can inspire you to get motivated and take action during midterms week!  And have fun during Fall Break!

-Melanie Palmer