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I love hashtags. If you use Twitter, or Google+, or if you’ve been paying attention to the news you’re probably familiar with them. They’re convenient ways to indicate your topic and are incredibly useful in micro-blogging. For example, right now on Twitter, a couple of the trending topics worldwide are #LiesThatAlwaysWork and #EnNavidadNuncaFalta (never lacking in Christmas). It’s not always clear why some subjects persist and make it to the top of what the virtual world is talking about, but in any case they’re easy ways to show what you are talking about in the moment. For me, this is a #mundanepost. Just day to day, even more than normal.

I haven’t had anything extremely exciting happen to me over the past few weeks, it’s just getting more winteresque as the days go by. I suppose something that has been interesting is that I have been showering in the JAAC gym. The plumbing at the Delt Haus has conveniently decided that it is no longer satisfied with its current state.

So much for me mowing the lawn

For the past week, we haven’t been able to run any water in the building. It’s made things like laundry and showering an exercise in adaptation, but we’ve all been managing as best we can.

It can be a little deflating when you can’t even cook a package of ramen in your kitchen. In other news, I also participated in one of our larger ceremonies that we perform as Delts. Last night was the Rite of Iris, the public initiation for our new members. The ceremony is a formal telling of an allegory describing the path of human aspiration.


ABOVE: Theta Psi after the Fall 2011 Rite of Iris

This is one of our most important events that we open up to our community. Parents of our current pledges are typically present along with current students and alumni.

Aside from this, in my Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine class, I presented with my group on Depression, talking about SSRI anti-depressants and MAO-Inhibitors.

Lastly, this thing has been making me super happy:

I have a habit of writing little notes and quotes on pieces of paper that I tear out of my spiral notepads. Last week, I checked my jeans and I realized that I left a bunch of these notes in my pockets when I washed them. I figured, what’s the point of me writing things down, if I can’t keep track of my scraps?


Here’s to actually writing things down.

PHOTO (TOP): So much for me mowing the lawn.

-Andrew Moore