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Madai’s Classes (Part 1)

SO, I noticed that I have been blabbering to you guys about everything and how campus life is but I haven’t been mentioning anything about classes. Which is like the most important thing ever! SO, I am going to start every post now with a different class each post. Stick with me; this week lets start with Western Civ because I have a fun story for it!

This is a picture of my timeline! It consists of everything that we have learned since the begiinng of class. It took me around six hours to make! Strangely however I had a lot of fun doing it, and the pay off was worth it.

Western Civilization 111-02 is taught by Dr. Steven Maughan, and he is awesome! Every lecture we have is accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation that always has fun pictures and illustrations. Coming out of high school where the gym teacher was the history teacher kinda ruined my love for history. Here, however, the history teachers make history fun! The stories they tell and the amount of time they spend answering questions and making sure everything is making sense in the end. Even though this is a lecture style class, the amount of students in that class is not more than 30. With this number, Maughan still makes sure to always address student concerns and is available whenever you need him during his office hours or by appointment. This has been incredibly helpful so far.

Our history department is amazing. Almost every student on campus takes a history class for fun or is a history major or minor before they graduate. That is how amazing our department is. I am lucky enough to have the head of the department as my teacher, he’s always coming up with quirky fun facts and jokes to alleviate the mood in the room. History, fortunately taught by amazing professors, is now my favorite subject.

You may wonder what the work load is like, well for this class in particular you just simply have to be prepared. There are readings that should be done before class, and they don’t usually take long, about an hour at most. There is one essay that you need to read a book for and two exams, the midterm and the final. In essence, the work load for Western Civilization isn’t too bad. You just need to make sure that you do make time for it at least every other day.

Western Civilization is also a required class to graduate, so whether you are interested in history or not, you will find yourself taking this mind blowing class before you graduate. And that’s a good thing.

-Madai Montes

PHOTOS: Top - This is my epic timeline! Below - Epicness continued.