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Toasty tips for the everyday student

As the days get shorter, and the air grows colder, school can get rather taxing. Getting out of bed in time for an 8 a.m. chemistry lab three days a week, I can tell you, is almost equivalent to death. I have compiled a list of a few ways to keep warm this winter. They are tips I seem to live by, and would encourage others to do the same:

1)    Invest in a good scarf. Not only are they adorable in the accessory world, they can keep you toasty between classes as you cross the quad. There are some school spirited ones at the school bookstore (downstairs McCain), however freshly knitted or store bought are also a good way to go.

2)    Do cozy activities. Going to a basketball game, from the onset, does not seem cozy. But being in a bright gym full of enthusiastic fans will warm you up by the first foul (of the opposing team, no doubt).

3)    Make friends with Hot Chocolate Machine. He’s in the cafe.  Sweet talk him, introduce yourself, and enjoy a seemingly endless fountain of liquid gold.

4)    Listen to upbeat music. Sometimes all you need to warm up is a dance party, preferably with your roommate before your afternoon class. Works every time.

5)    Layer. Instead of vamping up the heater in your house or dorm, throw on a sweatshirt and some slippers. Not only will you save money and energy, you’ll also get some extra wear out of your favorite hoodies that were neglected May through September.

6)    Walk in groups. Between classes, grab some girlfriends or your buddies and bustle to your next destination. Not only does this seem to make time go by faster with all of the catching up and chitchat, you may also find the person in front of you to be an excellent wind-breaker.

7)    Short cuts. There are some sweet shortcuts throughout campus that can get you to where you need to go either a) faster or b) indoors.  Use the back steps of Boone to hit McCain, or dash through Hendren if you’re hopping from the cafe to the Village. Mary at the front desk usually has a bowl of candy, too (bonus).

8)    Lastly, cross your fingers for snow. Snow seems to make things softer, prettier, and oh so romantic. When there’s a blanket of white, there seems to be a lot less complaints and a lot more snowball fights.  So bring it, Mother Nature.

Maybe some of these ideas will help warm your bones this season.  Good luck, and bundle up!

-Sara Davis