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Farm City

The C of I is such a cozy, providing campus. Sometimes (well, pretty much everyday) you forget you are tucked away amongst a bigger world. Granted, Caldwell, also referred to as “Farm City”, tends to keep to itself. Yes, an occasional “townie” can be seen walking their dog through campus, or at a campus event/outreach activity, yet for the most part, Caldwell keeps it to a minimum.

But sometimes you can’t ignore that rooster you can hear a few blocks off campus … or those goats on the way to the interstate entrance. It’s also hard to overlook the rodeo corral that sits adjacent to the soccer field.Coming from an adorable little suburb in lush Western Washington, this is quite the change-up. Who knew people had horses as pets? My roommate has two. And here I am thinking my dog is too big … I have found this change in scenery and lifestyle to be rather refreshing. 

I mean, only here in Idaho could I look out the cafeteria window and see hundreds of sheep herded down Cleveland Blvd. ‘Cuz I did.

PHOTO: One morning in the Caf, as I was wiping the oatmeal off my text book, I looked up to find hundreds of these bad boys making their way down the Boulevard.  Only in Idaho.

-Sara Davis