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Magic fairy dust, anyone?

The holidays are so unbelievably magical.

Whoa, Christmas, hold up. I’m not talking about you… I’m still reminiscing about Thanksgiving, bro.

For the first time ever, I was in Disneyland over the holiday season.  Do you know what that means?!! Main street decked from head to toe in lights and wreathes and swags of pine.  The characters sported Christmas sweaters and candy canes (although the thermometer was still pushing 75 degrees, yikes), and the speakers lining the park lofted Christmas carols throughout the entire day.

And the castle…Coated in snow, with glittering lights and bows and miracles.  I mean magic.  I mean decorations! Lots of decorations.


PHOTOS: Top, Main Street at night. Above, my favorite aspect of Disneyland!!! Magic!!!!

At night, after the festive parades and fireworks, (fake) snow fell from the (light-post derived) sky! Get this: it smelled like gingerbread.  Disney, you are too good.


What a great guy, ushering in the christmas cheer

The Christmas galore, although beautiful and well appreciated, did not deter me and fam from hitting every ride… I mean get real!


The first two rows = the fam. Hi mom!


(round two for the brave at heart)

I was one lucky girl to get to spend Thanksgiving in Disneyland, you don’t need to tell me twice.  I am pretty sure some of that magic fairy dust traveled back with me to Boise, because I am still unsure how I made it through dead week and finals, yet here I am to tell the tale… Congrats, Yotes, on a semester well done! And happy holidays, as most of us make our way home for round two of holiday festivities…


-Sara Davis