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Yesterday was the first (best) day of snow this winter!  (There were one or two other days where it snowed, but it never lasted very long.)  I was stoked.  Actually, sometimes I’m pretty 50/50 about the whole snow thing.

Pros include: seeing the snow that sticks to the top of the tree branches, the feeling of my boots stepping deep into a blanket of the fresh powdery stuff, and getting to layer up in all the knitted accessories I’ve been collecting.  Cons include: driving in it, the aftermath of slush, and the feeling of snow melting off the tops of the tree branches and falling on top of my head.

However, I’ve added a HUGE pro to my list: Snowball fights.  Yeah, this girl had never been in one before.  I don’t know how I went three years at C of I without partaking in this snowy tradition, but it just never happened.  But last night, a group of Andersonians (residents of the Anderson dorm) rallied together for an epic war.  And it was great.





(Photos by Hillary Bodnar)

-Melanie Palmer