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Bundled in Boise

This last weekend was a blast– not only was it the half way mark of Winter Term, but my handsome suitor was in town, and we got to explore the local scene.  Last time, we visited Lucky Peak, which was appropriate in the 90 degree weather in mid-September.  This time around, however, we hit the town.

On Friday night, we took advantage of “Free Movie Friday”, thanks to Program Council, who sponsors us C of I students to see as many movies as we want FOR FREE (…at the dollar theater). But honestly, all the movies I wanted to see are always playing, so it’s a win-win!  The Reel Theater is the place to be, and is on the near side of Nampa.  (We saw Happy Feet Two. You gotta see it, I was cracking up for at least half the show!)

Saturday afternoon, we bundled up and headed downtown.  After some window shopping and people watching, our curiosity got the best of us as we passed the ticket booth for the Idaho Stampede game (the almost-but-not-quite-NBA basketball team).

Nine bucks? We’re in.  The blimp that circles the Arena was by far my favorite part. Oh, and the basketball… those boys can dunk.


Prior to the game, we stopped into Red Feather Lounge.  It is all the rage, or so I had heard, and I would definitely give them a good review.  It’s a very “mod” scene. We both got a lighter meal (luckily) because after the basketball game, we stopped by “Five Guys” and got a sack of fries. Literally a sack! So good. And so lucky my beau can pack it in. Such a fun night!


The Treasure Valley always manages to surprise me with all of the fun activities it has to offer.  I can’t wait to see where I will end up next!

- Sara Davis