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Bodacious Bonfires and Thoughts on Psychology

Things are going smoothly for the most part. It's the middle of week 3 of Spring term. One of the more defining aspects of this term for me is the fact that I'm not enrolled in one of my classes. As a student, that is. This term I'm serving as an aide to Professor Minear, chair of the psychology department and a teacher who I can say is one of my largest mentors on the campus.

It's a new experience for me. My work consists of grading quizzes, answering questions from students inside and outside of class, facillitating discussion and generally any other legwork that Professor Minear needs done in teaching the class. The class is PSY-101: Introduction to Psychological Science. As an intro level course, this class was designed by Meredith to engage new psychology students in thinking critically about the world, and how it relates to psychology as a science. Throughout the class, we've discussed things such as framing effects and pseudoscience. It's mostly standard-fare that I've experienced across my psychology classes, however having never actually taken this course before, I'm wishing that I had begun my psychology major with this class.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a psychology student is hearing the criticism that psychology isn't a "real" science. It's a slight irony to me in this respect that the school awards psychology majors with a Bachelor of the Arts as opposed to a Bachelor of the Sciences when they graduate. I'm not trying to toot the horn about my chosen area of study, but it still amazes me that people aren't willing to analyze the components of this subtle yet grounded field of science. It's not nearly as ethereal as many people initially think and unfortunately due to some common misconceptions, it gets dismissed. I feel like this class that Professor Minear teaches is designed to combat some these problems in anyone who is poking their head into the intro-level psychology courses, and it's something that is really cool to see.

Aside from my classes, Rush week for the Delts concluded last week, and now we're gearing up for new additions to our chapter and preparing our representatives for the annual Division conference. Each year, our chapter along with the other undergraduate chapters in the west, is required to send at least two members to a conference to vote on division-wide policies and attend leadership seminars. I attended last year along with one of my fellow brothers, Aaron. This time, he's attending again with our current president and vice-president.

As current recruitment chair, I'm pleased with the results of our rush week. Things went smoothly and I'm excited to see new brothers added to our chapter. We kicked off the event with one of our bonfires in the school quadrangle. I placed one of the photos up at the top of this post, and I also have a link to our Facebook page if you want to see more pictures from our events.

- Andrew Moore