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CEL Office Resources

Academic Resources on Campus. The first time I heard about them was during my first campus tour; and to be honest I kind of tossed that information aside. Thankfully, however, during my Student Ambassador training I was reminded again of the academic resources offered on campus; such as tutoring in certain areas that you are struggling with, proofreading papers, and help with student resumesl!

I had no idea how much I was missing out until I went into the CEL Office (Center for Experimental Learning) to asked them for help on my resume. The office detailed different things that I should focus on that I had not thought about before. Now every Thursday and Tuesday I attend CEL Topics in Covell at 4-5 p.m. and the Center for Experimental Learning helps me work on my resume and update and fix it, they help me work on applications for jobs, etc.

I am not the only one that goes to these wonderful sessions, there are students attending that are applying for grad school or working on applications for internships.  They were beyond helpful and always willing to help anyone who walks through the door.

Dora Gallegos, is amazing and knows what she is talking about. I am confident now when I apply anywhere because I have the help of the CEL office staff who are constantly encouraging me to work hard and be on top of my game. If you ever need help in looking for an internship, applying for a job, practicing for a job interview, or writing a resume, head over to the CEL Office located in Hendren Hall. :) 

-Madai Montes