Student Experience Blog


I know I talk about how much I love the dorm life - and specifically the Anderson dorm life - but you guys, it's really great.

This spring term has been awesome for Anderson.  We've added a few really nice residents, formed some pretty solid friendships, and will be featured in the next issue of Quest Magazine!  Woo!  We also have some fantastic programs lined up for the next couple of weeks.  First, Anthony, my fellow 3rd floor RA, will be hosting a Karaoke night this Saturday night with pizza!  One of the M&O employees has a super rad Karaoke system that he and his family will bring over to help us sing our little hearts out.  We will look like fools - but it will be awesome.  Then, on Monday, Anderson will be hosting our own "BedtimeStories" program, which is an annual tradition in which Professors LiCalzi and Maughan entertain their students with insightful interpretations on classic bedtime stories. Then, in two weeks...drum roll, please...The Second Annual Anderson Talent Show!  It is sure to the greatest showcase of dorm talent on campus.  There is already talk of a Spoon routine.

Moral of the story - everyone should want to live here.  Tonight was Wendy, a freshman on the second floor's birthday, and a group of girls went to Dairy Queen, walked through the drive-thru, and got her a delicious ice cream cake!  Then, while I was on duty, I went on rounds of the building, and found a handful of gals sitting in the hallway, talking and laughing about the comedian show they just saw on campus.  

The community we have created here is just wonderful, and I think that everyone should know about it.

-Melanie Palmer