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Idaho Springs

I now realize the title “Idaho Springs” could quite possibly be the name of 8 different towns here in the state of Idaho … but I digress.

Spring is (almost) here!! How do I know? The worms.

After the first few rains thaw out the ground which has been thoroughly frozen for the last 4 months, the grass grows thick, the flowers start blooming, and the worms more or less walk the earth.  You think I am kidding, but there are seriously more worms on one square of sidewalk than in the entire state of Massachusetts*.  I can never take my eyes off of the ground on a rainy spring morning, for I may be taking the lives of 400+ worms on a quick walk to class—and although you wouldn’t see me wearing a tshirt saying “Save the Worms”, it would be more likely if I were to wear one saying “Save my Boots”.  I mean seriously, they’re leather.

But the worms are not all that bad; they symbolize the sprouting of spring.  I have come to learn that although there are very concrete aspects of spring (such as the worms, or extremely packed schedules, or increasing levels of jitters in the students), Idaho can also be such a tease! One day it is 70 degrees and gorgeous, with the potential of a good suntan, and the next day, you are dodging worms between other students and bikes across the quad.  I am ready for some consistency, Idaho! Hop to it.

*Not an accurate quantitative study, but considered common knowledge here at the C of I.

-Sara Davis