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Moving on

This is the only bag I'm taking to China.

The only one. It's pretty much packed, all the clothes I'll be wearing, the daypack that I'll be using to walk around with. Almost all of my clothes are synthetic so I could wash them in a river if I needed to. We got our itinerary for our trip this week. It's crazy to see our journey mapped out, and today I've never felt so excited. I just have to order a book that I plan on reading while I'm over there. Otherwise I'm set.

It's the dawn of finals week as I write this. We're so close to the end of the year and it comes quite bittersweet. I don't really have much time to be sentimental until all my tests are over though. Just two finals and a paper before my summer begins. I had a nice weekend. On Thursday I was inducted into one of our school's honor societies: Psi Chi. Psi Chi is a national honor society that recognizes students across the country for their pursuits in psychology, Later, I took my girlfriend out for a past due dinner. We had made a bet earlier in the semester over the results of an exam in our Cognitive Psychology class and because she beat me, dinner was on me. On Saturday the campus celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I wandered over to Hayman field where ALAS (Association of Latin American Students) was serving homemade tacos. ALAS does a great job of bringing the community onto the campus, and it made for an awesome excuse to hang out on the grass and enjoy the sun.

Spring is such a vile temptress. Now that the sun is out, I just want to hang out on my lawn and snooze in the sun. It's such an aggrivating and amusing aspect of our climate here, that exams (and graduation) fall upon the best of our weather.

The task of finding enough cardboard boxes for all my stuff so I can move out of my place for the summer is seeming more daunting than my Cog Psych test on Tuesday. Just five more days.

-Andrew Moore