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Glammed Up

Everyone knows that the best part about a school dance is not the free Panda Express, the sweet venue in downtown Boise, or the charismatic DJ’s (although those things never go unnoticed)… All that anyone really cares about, and remembers for that matter, is getting dressed up, curled, and glossed with the girls!

Greek Council is a group of Greek affiliates who get together all year long and touch base on events, Greek organizations, and protocols of Greek Life.  This doesn’t mean much to the campus until Spring rolls around, the time of year Greek Council holds Spring Formal—the infamous, school-wide event that manages to get everyone talking.  Spring Formal provides a great relief from “dead week” and “finals”, which are considered academically taxing, and seemingly horrible times during the semester.  But from experience, having discussions that go something like: “OMG-what-does-your-dress-look-like?” and “Where-are-you-getting-ready?” and “Can-I-borrow-those-pumps?” take your mind off of the inevitably heavy workload.

Many fond memories linger after Spring Formal, and continue to be discussed at the breakfast table for a week after the fact. Clearly, The College of Idaho and Greek Council want to make sure that we students go out with a bang before the year is over. And boy, did we. 

-Sara Davis