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The Best Event on Campus

This is top secret information.  I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I discovered a little known fact about C of I...

The faculty and staff really know how to cook.  My friend and I went to the Low Carbon Cook-off Challenge on a last minute whim to distract ourselves from homework and to support our ResLife bosses.  There was a similar event for student teams earlier in the year, but this time the event hosted four teams of our school's faculty and staff.  The goal is to create two dishes (one main course, and a side or dessert) from local low-carbon ingredients in one hour.  The event is held in Simplot Cafeteria and the teams can use any of the cooking stations, as well as the supplies and appliances available.  Immediately, the teams gathered their ingredients and hit the kitchen with a bang.  Excellent teamwork was an important and ever-present factor in this competition.  

When the hour was up, the judges, who were the student winners of the fall competition (Watch a video of that below), took their seats and prepared their taste buds for an exciting experience.  As an onlooker, I was pretty jealous of the judges.  The food looked absolutely delicious.  There were quiches, grilled vegetables, poached trout, potato pizzas, stuffed pork, and apple crisps.  The cafeteria smelled unbelievable. It was great to see how the competitors could work together to create such beautiful dishes, and it was so cool to see their pride in their own creations.

The best part of the night?  When the judges were done tasting the food, the audience (which was a total of three students, myself included) and the other competitors could sample the dishes too!  Everything tasted so great.  For selfish reasons, I didn't want to tell anyone about the event because then there would be more food for myself... But since I'm graduating, I guess I'll tell everyone about it.  You should go.  It will be the best night of eating for your young collegiate self.           

-Melanie Palmer