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Elephants in Boise

Although I live on campus during the school year, in the summer I still call Boise home. Luckily, most of my friends are also from the Treasure Valley, and they stick around for the summer.  On Saturday, I met up with three of my C of I friends to stroll through Boise’s Saturday Market and to see a circus parade complete with two elephants.  

Boise’s market is part farmers market and part artisan wares. There are homemade pies, organic vegetables, jewelry, breads, flowers and even wineglasses for sale.  My market staples always include a chocolate croissant from Café de Paris.  It’s a fun way to spend a summer Saturday morning, and today there were a lot of guide dogs in-training walking through.

As for the elephants, they made a loop in front of the capitol building and then came around by the end of the market.  The parade was part of the El Korah Shrine Circus, which is in town for the weekend.  The two elephants were at the head of the parade, and stopped right in front of us to be watered. I’ve never seen an elephant be “watered” before, but it mostly consisted of the elephants being hosed down in the street.  Check out the video (The actual showering starts about 40 seconds in.): 

After sitting on the capitol steps for a while, my friends and I wrapped up our excursion with bagels at Blue Sky, another staple of downtown Boise. 

-Megan Mizuta