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Throwing Stuff and Burning Stuff. Yay Summer.

So campus is pretty empty these days. It is supposed to be so, school is over. However, there are still a few hardcore college students who soldier on and continue living in Caldwell during the break. Now, farming is lonely work, with only the plants keeping you company. So after almost a month and a half of keeping to myself, and petting rabbits and stealing the eggs my chickens lay, I decided that I would finish my self imposed exile of sorts.

Now your perspective on life changes when all you have for entertainment are a few Grateful Dead albums, an old guitar, and rabbits. So I started hanging around the gents of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. A few brothers decided that it was high time I learnt how to Frolf. Now Frolf, or frisbee golf, is a tradition of sorts at C of I, and we have roughly three courses, ranging from 5 hole to 18 hole courses. So for the last two days, I have been running around a campus throwing plastic disks like crazy at trees and doors. It has been a lot of fun. I actually had a par +5 score today, which by my n00b standards is a massive accomplishment.

Also for the last two days Frolf has been leading to a bonfire at the Haus (we call our frat house that, so as to appear fancy and European or something...). A typical bonfire generally involves a few amateur musicians playing Kum-ba-ya or some hokey stuff. We, however, are blessed by the presence of Geoff Hill, who plays violin for the Boise Phil, Andrew Moore (student blogger and guitar player extraordinaire), and yours truly, who fiddles with anything that has strings attached to it. (That was a horribly mangled metaphor, but I like the way it flows, so shut up.)The nights in Caldwell have been balmy, and the backyard of the Haus have been enlivened by guitar and violin jams.

In the middle of all the breaks from music, I have been taking pictures. Here ya go.

- Rahul Sharma