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Getting Started (Extra) Early

We’re just a little bit past the halfway mark for heading back to school. On Wednesday, I got emails from the school confirming my room assignment, meal plan, and listing move in dates. I actually get to move in a few days before the regularly scheduled date because my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, gets together in the days before school to start working on formal recruitment, which happens a few weeks into school.

But we’re starting to prep even earlier than that; yesterday I headed over to Caldwell for some crafting.  We worked on our formal recruitment decorations and started on a few things that we’ll use for Bid Day.

I also took over boxes and boxes of stuff. As the registrar, I’m in charge of maintaining Zeta Pi chapter’s archives, and since we’re not a housed sorority (none of C of I’s national sororities are) we don’t have a permanent storage space. Instead we’ve got moveable archives, and they’re going to go live in the basement of a member’s rental house for the year, having spent half the summer in my garage.

The archives in themselves aren’t huge, but along with them are boxes full of lights, crafting supplies, t-shirts, and all the things we use for initiation, and our main charity event, Kappa Casino. All together they’re enough to fill my car up many times over, and I’ll be glad to relocate them to somewhere a little closer to school.

-Megan Mizuta

PHOTO: This is Mindi, my sorority president, and Kelsey, my treasurer, working on some decorations in McCain.



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