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Heavy Summer Reading

It’s mid-July, and school won't start for another month and a half. But in the spirit of speeding up the clock and getting started, I’ve ordered my textbooks and am watching them slowly appear in boxes and padded envelopes on my doorstep.

Buying books is painful. Anyone who’s shelled out $200 bucks on a textbook—physics, French, or otherwise—can attest to that. I ended up needing both physics and French textbooks, along with some hefty economics texts. But my class about the art, history, and literature of London has a rather different set of books. Recently arrived from that class list are:

Let’s Go London, Oxford, Cambridge & Edinburgh, a student travel guide

From Hell, a graphic novel about Jack the Ripper

Drawing From Life, the Journal as Art, a book about the uses and purposes of journaling, featuring samples of different, real life journals

I’m still waiting to receive:

Bleak House, by Charles Dickens

Mrs. Dalloway and London Scene: Six Essays on London Life, by Virginia Woolf

And a 4x6 moleskin journal, because the class will require us to keep a journal.

-Megan Mizuta