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Once a Thespian, Always a Thespian

The C of I theatre department has became a second family to me. I encountered an abundance of spectacular opportunities within the department, including the opportunity to attend the weeklong Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. Not ready to put my theatrical duties on the shelf for summer vacation, I have returned to the Sixth Street Theatre stage for my third summer season.

Sixth Street Theatre is a historic building nestled in Wallace, ID. I am currently rehearsing for a show that will open August 1st. The full production consists of a melodrama (about 45 min) and a musical revue (about another 45 minutes). Melodrama is a theatre form composed of stock characters (like a stereotypical villain in black and an obvious hero/heroine).

The attribute of melodrama that makes it really unique is that the audience and the actors are encouraged to interact. For example, the audience boos and hisses at the villain when he (or she) comes on stage (and of course cheers for the hero as he makes his debut!). A typical Sixth Street revue has a series of musical and comedy acts corresponding to the theme.

Rehearsals and shows occupy much of my summer.(: The photo that I presented is of me in the revue last summer, having way too much fun singing into a fake microphone. Haha.

As rehearsals progress and shows get underway, expect to see many more posts about my adventures in the melodrama, as well as about my experiences within the CofI theatre department!

Over and out,

Mariah M Schlepp