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Summertime Poolside

Summer means three things to many an American teenager: a summer job, swimming, and snow cones.  My summer has all three of those things wrapped in one—I’ve spent part of my time working at Borah Pool, a public swimming pool that just happens to have an adjacent snow cone shack. 

But I’ve not gotten a good tan because I’m not a lifeguard. Instead, I’m a cashier, handling daily sales and registering people for season passes and signing kids up for swimming lessons.  I do however, still receive the lifeguard perk of getting one free snow cone a day from the snow cone shack and I have a pretty official looking City of Boise ID badge. 

Cashiering at a pool may not exactly carry the same clout as interning with a publishing company or traveling around Bangladesh, but it is a fun, laid back way to spend the summer. The lifeguards are all great people to hang out with, and it’s a little sad to see them headed off to their own colleges; I just want to bring them all to C of I with me. 

-Megan Mizuta

Above: This is my view of the pool from the office.