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It's Quiet...Too Quiet

A few days ago, I made my first trip back to C of I's campus since leaving last year's Baccalaureate ceremony. I had received a couple of e-mails earlier in the week that had encouraged me to stop by Caldwell, and funnily enough, they both involved receiving stuff I had been expecting for a while. With the promise of an old music binder and a new camera waiting for me, I made the half hour trek from Meridian to the college, which happened to be much more quiet since my last visit.

I've been on campus during holiday breaks before, but today was a bit different, since it was my first time seeing all the new banners and signs that had been put up since classes ended. I had seen workers beginning to put them up on the day I was moving out of my dorm, but I hadn't really traveled the campus with all of them posted until my recent visit. Pretty much everywhere I looked there was something new that stuck out. Aside from the banners on nearly every lamppost, the guide signs were different as well. The old style had been substitued for a brighter shade of purple, along with a new font that looked a lot more professional than the old one, as well as less threatening. The new letters make the old ones look like they were directing prisoners instead of college students. Both the new additions make the campus feel a bit more fresh, perhaps a bit more welcoming. Neither addition detracts from the campus' beauty, but instead supports it. Landmarks like the clock tower in the center of the Quadrangle and the statue of our glorious founder William Judson Boone (posing triumphantly in front of the science building named in his honor) only look more visually appealing with the updates, in my opinion.

It felt strange walking across campus and seeing practically no one. I've grown used to going from Point A to Point B among a crowd of people, where I could pass several people I knew with a polite hello and a joke or two. Today, I was uninterrupted for the first time in a long time, allowing me to really drink in my surroundings. Summertime suits C of I well--the grass was green, the light hit everything just right, and all the trees in the Quad just looked gorgeous. I picked a great time to stop by.

Although I DID pick up my camera (provided by the school for this very blog!), I ended up spacing on the music binder. I had left a binder full of choral music in the Jewitt Auditorium during the aforementioned Baccalaureate. It may have been a ceremony for the graduating class, but as a member of C of I's Chamber Singers (and part of a smaller group of gentlemen performing another piece during the ceremony), I was there to help provide music for the evening. I somehow lost my music binder along the way, but C of I's brilliant director of choirs, Dr. Brent Wells, had found it and was holding it for me to pick up when I had the chance. I fully intended to take that binder back during my visit, but I was so excited and distracted by my new camera to remember the second reason I had came. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, since photography has been a nifty little hobby of mine for a while. Oh, well. There's always later in the month when I go to pick up everything I need from my booklist.

Being back on campus just made me more and more excited to return to it for classes! I can't wait for the campus to be full of old faces again.

-Clayton Gefre