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What I Miss Today...The Countdown Begins!

At 10:08 on the morning of August 6th I recieved a text message...which took a not-so-close second to my pillow as I pressed "Ignore" and rolled back into my pillow for another hour or so of sleep on my day off. 

When I finally opened my eyes and gave into consciousness, I looked at my phone and saw that my ignored message was from my friend, Shelby, telling me that school starts in one month!  Shelby is a friend that I made while living in Simplot.  She lived a few doors down, and we clicked quickly.  By the end of the year we had not only become workout and study partners, but confidants and adventurers.  There are a billion and a half reasons why I am excited to go back to school, each of which deserve their own blog post, so I shall dedicate this one to the misadventures of Mariah and Shelby.  The beginning of the month-long countdown entitled: What I Miss Today.

What I Miss Today:

Here is just a taste of the friendship that Shelby and I fostered in Simplot...I promise we aren't ALWAYS this weird...well, promise is a strong word...

We were in the 2nd floor lobby in Simplot, watching P90 on her laptop, using big door rocks (painted rocks we use to keep our doors open) as dumbells.  One of mine was one that I painted to look like a mouse, so that I could call it my doormouse, and I can't remember what the other one was, but I guarantee it was at LEAST as goofy looking.  So there we are, in workout clothes, following a cheesy workout video, using painted rocks as dumbells... Of COURSE someone walked in.  He proceeded to mention it everytime he saw either of us for the rest of the year.  Nevertheless, we eventually thought to write down the workout and just take the list with us to the gym. 

I could type your eye off ( my head that was a clever alternative to "talk your ear off") with Shelby stories, but one is probably enough for you for now.  It's funny how embarrassing moments can turn out to be times that you look back on and miss. 

Stay tuned for what I will miss tomorrow!

Over and out,
Mariah M Schlepp