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First Week on Campus

I arrived on campus on Sunday, which means I’ve been away from home for a little under a week, though not very much of that time has been spent on campus. I moved all of my stuff into my dorm on Sunday morning, said goodbye to my dad, and proceeded to a resident safety meeting, followed by a cross country team meeting. I did have the chance to eat a few delicious meals in Simplot before heading to McCall for training camp on Payette Lake. McCall is absolutely beautiful, and it made me a little bit homesick to see all the trees, which sounds crazy since I’ve hardly even left. I had a really good couple of days getting to know everyone on my new team, they are really great.

Anyone who has made a significant change in geography has probably experienced this phenomenon: meeting people who are uncannily similar to people you already know, elsewhere. Usually they just look extremely familiar, but sometimes they have the same mannerisms, or for as broad a term as it is--personality. For the How I Met Your Mother fans out there, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve found quite a few doppelgangers, and the campus is, for the most part, still empty.

Being back on campus, my half-moved-in room already feels like home. I still need to finish hanging things on the walls, put my clothes away, and do a little bit of organizing in general. My bed feels like my own, the smell of the building is familiar, I've stocked up on a few groceries, and I’ve even done my first load of laundry! I have a nice view through the branches of a big tree of the neighborhood behind campus from my room. I’m really excited to meet my roommate, and for her (and the rest of my floormates) to move in. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming week as well: there is the Freshman McCall trip, and classes start.

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.