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Hello, Campus; We Meet Again...

Fall semester is among us!

Unpacking and getting class-ready have consumed my first week on campus, and after my first couple days of classes, I feel like I'm already back in the college routine.  It seriously feels like I never left for the summer!  It has been sooooo nice to catch up with friends on campus, and it is great to see new faces on campus too.  Here is a brief synopsis of my week back in Caldwell...

The past couple days, my roommates and I have decided to do some working out in our apartment (with the blinds down and doors locked, of course). With us, donned in black sports bras, is the apartment mascot, Pumpkin. Since we can't have live pets in The Village, we have a FurReal pet (pictured with me above, getting ready to help us work out).  ...Yep...we have too much fun.

New things in the life of Mariah on campus:
     -New apartment
     -New roommates
     -New classes & professors
     -New menu in The Pub (in McCain)
     -New friends
But, the buildings are the same, a lot of friends are still here, and the ultimate atmosphere is the same.  I am so glad to be back, and I absolutely LOVE living in The Village.  A few of my friends from high school are on campus this year, and I can't wait to show them around!  

Here is my fall schedule:

Human Anatomy (w/lab)
General Psychology
Intro to Statistics
Theatre Ensemble

Play Reading and Discussion


I am so excited for Play Reading & Discussion, because this is its very first semester at The College of Idaho.  I get to be a theatre guinea pig!  I will have to let you know how it is.  My first day of it was on Friday, and thus far it seems like a very, very interesting class.  Joe Golden and Mike Hartwell are both instructing it, so I automatically have a good feeling about it.  Also, my Human Anatomy class has a cadaver lab, which ought to be good and fun. 

The social scene has been fun on campus, too.  Fall Fling was a big hit.  It was a rave theme, complete with glowsticks and DJ.  Also, fall and spring fling always include "free" merchandise.  Meaning, upon arrival, students get really cool free things (but your student fees that you pay in tuition actually help buy them; so anytime free things are available on campus, go for it, because your money is making it possible). 

These are the highlights from my first week back.  Next on my to-do list is to gear up for Panhellenic Recruitment, prepare to audition for the fall production of Pericles, and I always list a third thing when I'm listing things.

Over and Out,
Mariah Mae

Mariah is a sophomore theatre and nursing major and psychology and biology minor from Cataldo, Idaho.