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Being sustainable can mean eating fancy food

So last week, the sustainability stewards (Natasha Rooney, and I), in conjunction with Bon Appetit, (the cafeteria's caterers), organised a sustainability cook-off. I took pictures. Here is a slideshow.

For the show, Natasha and I picked roughly 150 pounds of produce from our garden, which took our total sold yield for the summer to over 300 pounds. Because of this, the five teams of three that participated used produce that was exremely local. Matt Caldwell, the GM of Bon Appetit at the College estimated that 95% of the ingredients for the cook-off came from within 10 miles of the cafeteria. 

The best part about the entire thing, at least for me, was eating all the gourmet food that the participants cooked. The judges went through the food like wine tasters. Eating a mouthful, and passing judgement. What that meant, was that the rest of us non-judgemental folks got a lot of gourmet leftovers. I personally managed to eat at least 2 pounds of steak and veggies. It was the bomb.

-Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.