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Cardboard Costumes

Despite the newly arrived fall temperatures, Friday night found many a student out and about wearing “anything but clothes.”  The occasion: the annual ABC party, “ABC” being the proud acronym for “anything but clothes.”  But fear not, rather than inspiring a new nudist colony in Caldwell, ABC tends to bring out the hidden costume designer in all of us.

Case in point: my friend Miguel has spent the last two weeks helping out some of our other friends plan and create their outfits. Last night, I camped out with Diana and Miguel while they created Diana’s cereal box dress.

But this was no amateur feat—Miguel designed the dress, complete with sketch before they even started in with scissors and duct tape. Above is a picture of the designer, and Diana wearing the finished creation.

After taping Diana into her box skirt, Miguel hightailed it back to get into his own costume, which may have just won the night. His pièce de résistance was a bubble wrap jacket, lined with glow sticks and tailored with graffiti duct tape. Plus he let everyone pop the bubble wrap, which is just value added. 

For my part, I donned a black trash bag dress covered with doilies (I was going for a brocade look) and a doily collar that earned me more than one comment about looking like a black and white version of the Queen of Hearts.

Creative clothing substitutes spotted at ABC included beach balls, bottle caps, Christmas wreaths plus lights, pages from Frankenstein, Magic cards, burlap, and life-jackets.

 --Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.