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Haunted World

I’m not usually a person who gets scared easily. I don’t like scary movies because I think they’re predictable, and would much rather watch something funny. Taste in movies aside, I love corn mazes, and haunted houses, and the price “free.” I’m sure that I COULD keep my cool in terrifying situations, but it’s much more fun to let myself get caught up in the mood and just get scared. Which is what I did tonight at Haunted World.

After a short bus ride flooded with obscure 90’s pop music over the bus speakers, we pulled up to Haunted World. From the freeway, it probably looks more like a dance club than anything. There were colored lights and there was dance music blaring, and there was half a corpse “dancing” next to the ticket booth.

The first thing on the agenda was Skullvania, The Hostel Asylum. I wasn’t quite sure what a “Hostel Asylum” is, but it turns out that it is a building consisting mostly of bathrooms. We navigated our way from one gory bathroom scene to the next, punctuated by the decor of a kitchen, office, or mortuary. It was really mostly bathrooms filled with skeletons, murder scenes, and creepy employees who just sit there, blending in until you think the room is safe and then they do something startling and scare you, breaking all your trust in goodness. Kristin, one of my good friends, is not someone who really likes these kinds of things. There was an established order of procession: Kristin and I were somewhere in the middle of our group of about twelve, huddled together. Later, in the corn maze, having survived the Hostel Asylum, Kristin pushed me into the corn to avoid a masked corn-lurker. Actually, Kristen and I spent a lot of time tripping over each other, squishing each other into walls, and dragging each other into a run. We also spent a lot of time yelling at our other friends to get in front of us if we somehow ended up in front. I guess not everyone sprints when they hear a CHAINSAW coming at them...but we do.

We made it through all the cackling, seizing corpses, strobe lights, gunshots, clowns, ropes, tunnels, uncomfortably small spaces, uncomfortably open spaces, smoke, slides, tall corn stalks, darkness, mines, jungles, swamps, blood, organs, zombies, grim reapers, and terrified screams of the groups ahead of us. We came out the other side under a clear, starry, almost black sky behind the cornfields, laughing, with a little more adrenaline than is logical, and glad to hear that there was a bus leaving early. I have laundry to do: the Cross Country team is leaving for Portland bright and early tomorrow morning.

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.