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Pumpkins are Fruits, Midterms are Veggies

Is it news to anyone else that pumpkins are technically fruits? I just found that out this morning, and it blew my mind. I went through 19 years of life thinking that they were just oversized vegetables, like ugly, bulbous versions of carrots. I guess it takes buying a cart full of them for a giant group carving session for me to appreciate the complexities of the pumpkin.

In the face of looming midterms and due dates closing at rather alarming rates, the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta and the ladies of Gamma Phi Beta put academia on hold for a couple short hours to enjoy the art of pumpkin carving together--and let me tell you, there are few better stress relievers than plunging knifes forcefully in the tops of innocent foods. With Halloween bumping in the night, we figured it was only appropriate to partake in the spirit of the holiday. Some of us went with the conventional, giving the pumpkins cackling faces with triangular eyes and pointed teeth. Others were a bit more abstract, carving intricate repeating designs reminiscent of December's snowflakes. Others still thought to honor their majors, the well-known mathematical symbol for pi standing out among the orange heads that had joined us. In any case, our social event was a spooky success.

It's always a gratifying feeling when an event you helped plan is enjoyed by the attendees. I'm new to organizing events like this, but I've been getting a lot of practice as the Delt's social chairman. Of the two inter-Greek events the Delts have had, everyone who's attended has walked off with a smile. This makes me smile even wider.

Of course, there comes a time when the smiles end and real life flips that grin of yours upside-down. I'm talking, of course, about midterms, and the dreaded week that contains them. At the moment, I'm sitting on a take-home final for Biology of Human Diseases that still needs four questions answered, a portfolio for my Journalism class that still needs an obituary and a Q&A that I still need my interviewee's final answers, a final draft for the second paper of my Creative Nonfiction Workshop that needs some major revision before I'll be pleased with it, and some lyrics to memorize before the choir concert...all of which needs to be done by Friday at 5 PM. Not to mention my French midterm tomorrow afternoon, the oral portion of which makes me envy the powers of phonetics the native speakers possess. Naturally, it's a rather stressful time period. Still, the thought that I'll be back in my comfortable, queen sized bed in Meridian by Friday night keeps me plugging along and chipping away at my workload.

I've come to the conclusion that the college life can be separated into the fruit group and the vegetable group.

You have your pumpkins, your apples, your pears and your strawberries--the club events, the study sessions with good friends, the volleyball games, the constant activity. Most of it is sweet, and most of it is stuff you look forward to chowing down upon. It's healthy for your spirit, bringing up your morale and bracing you for what's to come.

And then you have your broccoli, your spinich, your carrots, and your peas--the homework, the lectures, the grades, the tests. These are good for your mind, and everyone tells you that they affect you positively, but no sane person really looks forward to eating them. No one will dive for the brussel sprouts when a nice juicy peach is around the corner.

Still, both groups are required for a balanced diet, and both are needed if you want college life to continue thriving.

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a sophomore creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.