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Making Halloween Last All Week

After a week away it’s good to be back on campus. One of the first things I did was go to my sorority’s weekly meeting, which we call chapter. Chapter dress code varies from black formal to business casual, and once in a while we’ll have a themed chapter. This Sunday was one such night, and because it’s the Halloween week, we all came in costume. My president came as a piñata, our Vice President of Standards came as David Bowie in Labyrinth, our Corresponding and Recording Secretary was Cinderella, and I was a Frenchman, with beret, wineglass, striped shirt, and baguette. The picture to the left is our group photo from chapter.

Halloween fun continued on Tuesday, with Phreaking Phrenzie, which is a bash that our Student Union Building Committee (SUB committee) puts on each year in McCain. I only caught the tail end, but managed to make myself a caramel apple at the caramel apple bar, and to get caught in some fake spider webs. I also saw two great costumes—hobbits. The best part of the pair dressed as Halflings was that they both stood in fake boulders up to their shins, and the boulders had hairy hobbit feet on the top, so they looked properly hobbit-sized.

On Thursday, we’re stretching Halloween as far as it can go, and having Halloween Bowling Night. Bowling Night is as much about the socializing as it is the free bowling, and tomorrow night people will be doing both in full costume.

-Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.