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Ready to Register

Even though November just started, everyone at C of I already has his or her eye on the springtime. Or at least spring term, as we’re in the midst of registering for next semester’s classes. I have 56 credits to my name, and will register with the rest of the sophomore class next Monday. The seniors and juniors have already gotten first pick at the classes, and I’m sure many underclassmen are closely monitoring the number of open spots in the classes they intend to take.

Registration is stressful because my schedule is pretty inflexible, as are a lot of people’s. Change of class times will spell disaster for our carefully crafted four-year plans, should anything unexpectedly conflict with another course. However, the thing that doesn’t spell automatic death is a full class roster. For one, there’s the small hope of being on the waitlist—sometimes a new section will open up, or someone will drop the class. But the biggest hope for getting into a full class is in the hands of our professors, and they’re often willing to let in an extra body or two if the classroom can accommodate it. Sometimes getting into a certain class at a certain time can be the difference between graduating on time and staying another year, and our instructors, especially if they’re also our advisors, take that into account.  

And our professors really are our advisors, often in the most literal sense. I’m taking Introduction to Political Economy from my advisor, Dr. Angresano, right now. When I stopped by his office during office hours, proposed schedule in hand, he first mistook it for an outline for the paper that’s due in class tomorrow. But happily for me, that paper has already been written, so I got approved to register for spring term and received hotel recommendations for part of my trip abroad this winter. I introduced my London trip here, and we just found out that our side trip (when we can go anywhere in Europe that we can get to) is six days long. I’m thinking those six days might be well spent in Paris.

 -Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.