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Pericles: The Finished Product

Last week was the final week for The College of Idaho's run of Pericles, and the show was absolutely amazing. 

Fred Loucks, a recent alum, was the sound designer for the show.  I ran the sound board, which is something within theatre that I've never done before, so it was an amazing experience.  Freddie taught me how cues work, as well as the basics of the sound system and amp. I learned how it worked during tech rehearshals (which, for those who ever endured tech week, is a long and tedious process. We spent the Saturday before opening night in a twelve-hour rehearsal.

Before our official opening night, we had a preview night where we perform for an audience (althought the set was still incomplete).  After the performance of preview, the cast and crew is available to answer questions about the process of the making of the production.  It is a very rewarding moment during the preview show to really reflect on how far the show has come and remember what we started with.  The experience of working on Pericles was such a wonderful learning experience and something that I am very proud to have been a part of.  Auditions for the spring production of Gut Girls are soon and it's time for me to get ready! 

In other, yet still related news, I have been a theatre and nursing double major up until recently, but as of late I have decided to drop my nursing major and focus primarily on theatre.  I feel like that is really where my heart is and it is so nice to have a more specific focus for my education.  Let the search for internships commence! 

Over and Out,
Mariah M Schlepp

Mariah Schlepp is a sophomore theatre student at The College of Idaho, from Cataldo, ID.