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Logging Time During Dead Week

I’ve mentioned before that I have one of C of I’s Heritage Scholarships. One of the stipulations for keeping this scholarship is that I do 20 hours of community involvement per month. Community involvement is a pretty loose term; it’s generally translated to mean “anything you’re not paying for or getting paid for.” So while a good portion of the Heritage hours that my fellow scholars turn in may be from volunteer hours or time logged doing research, a lot of items are just fun events that we’ve attended on campus.

This is my Heritage log for the first week of December. My logs usually end up reading like my daily planner with my classes and to-do list omitted. This week, I’ve gotten in a pretty good mix of work and play. Charity Ball, a harp concert, the Heritage Christmas Party, and Feast of Carols all fall under the fun category, and were all pretty festive events to boot.  My ambassador office hours, KKG chapter, Elementary tutoring (read: math flashcards with third graders), and some serious Judicial Board time make up the work portion of my log.

Minus the big chunk of time that Judicial Board has taken up this week—we usually meet for an hour once a week—this log is fairly typical.  What’s not typical about this week is that it happens to also be dead week.

Dead week is pretty hard for everyone because it combines the stress of preparing for finals, going to all regular classes, and maybe writing a paper or five into one torturous, sleep-deprived monster of a week. Then there’s the occasional test thrown in too.  So table space in the library has become a lot scarcer, and there have been a lot of sleepy looking students wandering around. Dutch Bros, a 24 hour coffee place down the boulevard, is probably making a fortune off of C of I students right now.

But the end is in sight and all that stands in the way are finals. Considering how hard dead week has been, I wouldn’t be surprised if stress levels are on the decline. But then again, if stress levels go down this week, maybe it’ll be due to the therapy dogs that will be making a visit to the library.

 -Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.