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The Long Way Home

I am currently in Phoenix airport waiting for my connecting flight to Los Angeles. Very shortly, I will be boarding a flight all the way to Australia! That’s right, I am going home for Christmas break and I am probably going the furthest away from Caldwell, ID of anyone. I am able to fly home today because I managed to finish all my finals yesterday and get packed just in time to get on a flight out of Boise. Now I begin the long trek home, which includes copious layovers, long flights (around 14 hrs!) and expensive airport food. 

As expected, I have already been notified of a delay in Sydney. But no problem, I think I will use that time to stretch my legs and explore Sydney before I continue my journey home to Melbourne. I am very excited to go back home because it has been a whole year since I have been in Australia; last year I decided to go on a study tour with the College to China instead. I have missed my family a lot and cannot wait to see my little sisters.

By flying to the other side of the world I am also skipping a day, I will never experience the 14th of December because I will be in the air all night and will land in Australia on the 15th of December. It always gets me out of whack when I go home and I always think it’s the wrong day. Also, I am gong into the Southern Hemisphere, which means that I will be going into summer. That’s right, we spend our Christmas in the middle of summer. It is tradition for my family to celebrate on Christmas Eve (German heritage) and then go to the beach on Christmas day and literally spend the rest of the year in the surf. 

As much as I love a white Christmas and all the warm goodness and festive cheer that comes with Christmas in the U.S., I cannot say that I like it more than Christmas in the sun. There is something special about the spending the festive season melting in the kitchen preparing Christmas biscuits (cookies), cranking up the BBQ for Christmas dinner and wearing pretty summery dresses. I would highly advise that everyone try it before they judge it. It really is a special celebration. 

But for right now, I will go back to fanaticizing about Christmas and the beach, waiting for my flight. I hope you all have a great break, no matter where in the world you are or what you are celebrating! 

-Natasha Rooney

Natasha is a senior history major from Melbourne, Australia.