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Why I have not posted for awhile

So, I just realised that it was been almost two months since I have posted on these blogs.

This is partially so because I had nothing fancy to say, no ground breaking insights, no incisive comments. It was also because I had somehow managed to bugger myself on the academic side of things. You see, I made the fundamental mistake of taking multiple classes that required intense creative thought. So let's go over it, so you can learn from My Mistakes.

Doing Two 300 Level Art Classes At The Same Time: So I did an advanced studies class, and an independent study. Nothing wrong with that, you may say. But, I retort, they were in separate media. So what, you may say. Everything, I respond. You see, at 300 level classes, you actually have to think critically, and not regurgitate facts, as you do in lower level classes. So basically, my “Let's Think About My Art” time was split into twain. I had to think about photography and ceramics. Not only that, I had to think about Modes of Representation of Oppressed and Minority Classes, in photography, and The Effect of Plasticity and The Integration of Positive and Negative Space in ceramics. Two diametrically opposite subjects. And I am a bad multitasker. So rather then thinking about one and then the other, I was thinking about both of them together, and creating what could only be called a gallimaufry.


Doing Three Reading Intensive Classes At The Same Time: On top of the mental gallimaufry that I had to deal with, I also had Post-Colonial Literature, Introduction to Human Anatomy, and Print Journalism. I had roughly 400 pages of reading from these three alone. And I was trying to juggle The Modern Metropolis as an Agent of Alienation and Mental Violence in Post Colonial Lit., Kashmir through Written History in Journalism, and basically the entire skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive and nervous structure of human body, in Intro to Human Anatomy.

Doing Two Jobs At Once: Keeping up my work as a Sustainability Steward, and taking pictures for Marketing and Communications, was hard, because on one side, I was shovelling manure and taking care of chickens, and on the other, I was operating an expensive camera while sitting under the hoops in B-Ball games, or on the sidelines for Lady Yotes games.


However, I also learned a whole lot of stuff, and did good things. Let's go over that stuff.

Do Multiple Art Classes At The Same Time: I learned that doing multiple classes is wonderful, because it forces you to take your creativity to the next level. And you can make interdisciplinary connections that you would have not realised.


Do Multiple Reading Intensive Courses: Reading is fun. And where else but in college will you get to read about how colonialism is bad, and in the same day read how your liver works, and later read Wired, and call it class?

Do Two Jobs At Once: I got pictures published in the Idaho Statesman, I managed to be halfway decent at sports photography, I made a greenhouse, grew 400 pounds of produce, raised 7 chickens, and had a power bill of 10 bucks for 3 months. Top that.



I promise I will be better with posting regularly from now on. As of now, in 8 hours, I will be done with finals. I will pour myself a stiff drink, and go into a three day hibernation watching the complete seasons of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister.

Till then, Cheerio.

- Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.