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Rosenthal Gallery

I do work study in the art gallery, which means it is primarily my duty to man the gallery desk and try really hard to look important, but I've also been given the opportunity to hang a show and to help get ready for an exhibition by preparing the gallery and painting pedestals, as well as other assorted tasks.  I was surprised at what goes into hanging peices; I hadn't thought about the need to measure so much to get the art properly distributed at eye level.  It's really interesting!  

I quite enjoy the position, and it gives me time while waiting at the desk to work on homework, which is really nice.  I encourage students and visitors to the campus to explore Rosenthal Gallery on campus, given the chance.  I love it when prospective students and art classes come into the gallery during my shift.  I have gotten to sit in on some awesome classes just by being in here working at the right time!  :D

The current exhibition began November 10 of this school year, and is scheduled to run until February 1st.  The artist that is featured is Cassandra Schiffler, with the exhibition entitled In Formation.  She is a recent alumna, graduated in 2007 as an art-and-literature major.

Dr. Garth Claassen is my supervisor and the gallery director; he is a joy to be around and work for.  After this exhibit, I believe the gallery is to undergo some renovation, which is very exciting to me, then later this spring there is an exhibit for graduating art majors to display their work, which to me is usually my favorite exhibit of the year, just because it is fun to me to see what talent our art department has helped develop and appreciate the work of my peers.  

For further information about the gallery and exhibits, please feel free to visit its page on The College of Idaho's website, at, or just swing by!  Exhibits are free and open to all.  Gallery hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm, and the gallery is located on the side of Blatchley Hall.  

Over and Out,
Mariah Mae

Mariah is a 19 year old sophomore theatre major, with biology, psychology, and speech rhetoric minors.  Her hometown is Cataldo, ID.