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On Al Gore Lying, and People Fighting.

So I have always had mixed feelings about winter term here at The College of Idaho. On one end, we concentrate on one class, which is really, really nice, but on the other, we blaze through the term in four weeks. This gets a bit hectic.

All this was until this winter term. You see, for the first time, I spent the entire winter break hibernating, in my own house. (I generally hibernate in the winter break.) And so with the freedom of having my own house, came the loose and easy attitude. This is all nice and dandy, but not that good for the academics. So, in a manner, winter term is a nice little buffer between the two BIG terms.

Also, we have been having a real cold spell. It is cold enough that I think Al Gore is a liar. But as such, we have a nice blanket of snow going. So what do I do? Take pictures. I took a (roughly) 180* panorama of the N.L.Tertling Library and Sterry Hall for New Year’s. Here it is:

terteling panorama

Also, January was witness to fight night, where people box to raise money for a worthwhile cause. We saw around 10 bouts, and again, because my primary occupation is being an obnoxious photographer, there I was, on the ring, taking pictures.



- Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.