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A German Winter Term

It is almost the end of my last winter term at The College of Idaho. So far it has been a very relaxing winter term for me. Unlike the last few years, I decided to take only one credit this semester, instead of the 3-4 credits that I normally take.

I have been taking a German class this semester and it has been great so far. I love languages and German is my favourite. We have some really great professors at the College and the language department is no different.

We are reading through a book about Nazi Germany, which is really interesting but also quite unsettling. However, we also learn about German culture in class.

For one of our classes we had Raclette for lunch. Raclette is a Swiss favourite, which involves heating the Raclette cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part. It is served with potatoes and pickled vegetables and it is delicious. I had this meal when I went to Germany and I was overjoyed to have it again in my German class. We will be watching a film for our final class as part of the German Film Festival at the College and I can’t wait!   

-Natasha Rooney

Natasha is a senior history major from Melbourne, Australia.