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Yurty Yurt

Winter break is always a great time for snuggling and relaxing before the onset of spring semester. I spent most of my break just hanging out and getting some down time, watching Downton Abbey and reading The Hobbit. But I also signed up for the Outdoor Program’s Yurt Trip, which was held at the yurt at Bogus Basin.

The yurt is not far from the Nordic Center at Bogus and last Thursday, 10 lucky students snowshoed along the Nordic Highway to the Bogus yurt. There we found a spacious room with bunk beds, fire and stove. We got the fire started immediately because it was so cold, but after that it was lovely and warm for the rest of our time there.

We spent a lot of time playing cards and board games before falling asleep. In the morning we woke to a breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes to give us energy for the day ahead.

We snowshoed back to the Nordic Center, which took about 20 mins and then got fitted for a group classic skiing lesson. Apart from a few people who opted to go alpine skiing, the rest of the group tried their luck at Nordic skiing, which was so much fun.

Some people proved to be very good at falling down and others could not stop. But by the end, everyone could do it. After two nights at the yurt we came home all nice are tired and just in time to get ready for spring semester. And now, it's time for my last semester at The College of Idaho ever, so scary and I don't really want to think about it any more....

-Natasha Rooney

Natasha is a senior history major from Melbourne, Australia.