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First Week of Spring Term

The sun came out and it’s finally well above freezing! No more frozen eyelashes during morning workouts. Spring really is in the air, and even though I’m only one hectic week in, I have the feeling Spring Term is going to be the best term yet this year.

I made a few last minute schedule changes, but I ended up with a fantastic schedule. It’s much more efficient this term, my classes fit with practice perfectly, and breaks during the day are long enough to be productive.

Not only did I get all my homework done, I even applied for some summer employment. Aside from being busy and productive, this week has been pretty fun: the girls on my floor and I pulled a few successful pranks, I went to Los Betos, and got a few of surprise packages from my sister and one of my best friends.

I spent Friday night watching the funniest one-man show I have ever seen, McManus in Love, put on by Caldwell Fine Arts. It was witty, honest, and goofy. It was so funny that I not only laughed out loud, I also laughed silently.

It was about a cheery, scatterbrained man telling stories about growing up in Northern Idaho with bears, ice fishing in sailing privies, a troll of a sister, and a “first double date...from hell.” It was like the combined experiences of listening to my grandpa tell stories, the Red Green Show, and Spongebob Squarepants. It was fantastic--I definitely would have paid to see it, but I won’t complain about the fact that it was free.

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.