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Viva Las Vegas

So this might seem like a shameless plug. Because it is. As some of you might have cottoned on by my previous posts, I am in a fraternity. It is called Delta Tau Delta. It is a cool group of guys from all over the world. Yes, the world. We have had brothers in the chapter from all sorts of places. Kuna, Meridian, Germany, Boise, Palestine, Mexico, Caldwell, India. It's pretty diverse. We are pretty smart. Last term, on the average we got a 3.5 GPA.

But seriously, I am not here to make y'all join. That is up to you. What I am here to write about is the College. Now being an International student, in addition to the experience of college, I also want an experience of America. So I went to a fraternity conference. It was in Las Vegas. I was in a hotel right opposite Ceaser's Palace. It was pretty sweet. There, in addition to our regional offices giving us stuff for being good fraternity boys (we won the Best Brotherhood award in the western region), I also talked to alumni. Seriously, by alumni, I mean people who graduated from college before my parents were born. It was most illuminating. I learnt a lot of stuff about what my values actually mean to me. I think I came back 5% smarter.

Now, why am I rambling about all this mess? Because for most people fraternities are an important part of the college experience. Getting involved in college can also mean volunteering time in a local school, which the Delts (my fraternity) did, or raising money for cancer aid (which Sigma Chi, another fraternity on our campus, does). You should check out our Greek life page if you are interested. We do a lot of really cool stuff. We have fraternities and sororities here at the College and they are full of really cool, smart, handsome, beautiful and involved people.

And they are all secret societies. Like the Illuminati, but full of younger, cooler, and hipper people.

Also, I have photos from Vegas. So that you can look at pretty pictures. (Ignore the copyright signs, they are just to deter nasty people who like to steal my photos and make them into toilet paper patterns, seriously, that happened.)



-Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.