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The Last Semester Ever

It has begun, the last semester of my undergraduate life. It is a scary thought, a very scary thought. So scary in fact that I do not want to think about it. Not one little bit. What will I do after college, I have no idea. And that in itself is also quite scary. So for now I am not going to focus on that, instead I will attempt to focus on the scary pile of homework, which I will have to get through tonight.

So far spring semester has not disappointed on the homework front. I have a lot to do, but I somehow still manage to find time to watch all three Austin Powers movies in one day and spend the rest of the time hanging out in the caf. I think I have a problem with facing my fears. Even as I write this, I am in the library not doing my reading and procrastinating.

There is one word for all of these symptoms: Senioritis. And what a horrible and debilitating disease it is. I have heard from past seniors that it renders you helpless, in a constant state of procrastination and feeds off of your Netflix account. So far it doesn't look serious, but I have to be careful, as it has been known to be fatal (at least for your chances of graduating).

But never fear, I have my ways of combating it. One of which is my diary, which is now filled with to-do lists and reminders. Another is working out at the gym so I can get some extra energy and endorphins.

Another way is to not look at the HUGE pile of books that is the Florentine Codex, which I am studying for my history seminar, but to break them down one by one and tick them off my list when I am done!

There are relapses and sometimes I find myself wrapped in my blanket, not wanting to do anything. But I know that these relapses have repercussions and that if I am going to have to get through this senior year, I have to beat off this highly contagious and feisty strain of senioritis.  

-Natasha Rooney

Natasha is a senior history major from Melbourne, Australia.