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Quantifying Greek Values

This semester I'm taking SOC-100, the introduction to Sociology class. This is another chance for me to sample one of The College's brand new professors before I leave. It's being taught by Dr. Scott Draper, and to my satisfaction we've already dived into the methodological staples of sociology.One of the assignments I'm currently writing up is a mini-quantitative study. We were asked to deal with a question regarding gender and being a Greek student, I found this an easy chance to answer some of my curiosities about my campus.

I asked a few quick & dirty questions about the perceptions of our campus Greek organizations. Although I don't have a ton of responses, and a handful of my Delt brothers might be subject to their own biases, it's still a picture that I've seen painted through campus conversation. I'm most pleased with my results surrounding Greek values. Almost half of my respondents were unaffiliated with a Greek organization, but despite this disparity there's a resounding consensus that our chapters break some of the stereotypes surrounding Greeks. National statistics regarding Greek GPAs and performance are reflected on our campus, with both men and women achieving above the campus averages. I've been proud to know that most of the Greeks that have surrounded me at The College have been both some of the most vibrant in their community and some of the most motivated in the classroom.




I've written about this in prior posts, but a lot of students enter college with preconcieved expectations surrounding Greek life. I pledged the spring of my freshman year, and nearly 4 years later I can still say it was one of the best choices I made at C of I. Whether you're a prospective student or a parent, I'd encourage you to be curious and not let National Lampoon direct your thoughts. 

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-Andrew Moore

Andrew is a senior psychology major from Boise, Idaho.