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I may be 20 years old, but apparently that doesn’t mean that I can’t jump on trampolines. And on Saturday, a group of other similarly aged C of I students and I proved that being legal adults doesn’t have to be a barrier to trampoline-fun. As part of our Student Ambassador retreat, we went to JumpTime, which is essentially a building full of giant trampolines and little kid birthday parties.  

To be sure, I was pretty skeptical about JumpTime when I walked in and was met with a bunch of 10-year olds playing dodge ball on a trampoline. But then I got onto one of the trampolines, which are set up in parallel 25-meter strips, and I couldn’t help forgetting that I’m a serious and dignified college sophomore. And getting over myself and having a good time jumping up and down and jumping into a foam pit was the best thing I could have done.

We followed up an hour of jumping with a business meeting and some supplemental ambassador training, though we relocated to Andrea’s house (Andrea is our Visitation and Events Coordinator) instead of taking up residence in one of the birthday rooms at JumpTime. But even sans birthday room, we had pizza and managed to get in the supplemental training via a modified twister game.

It’s Sunday now, and I’m back in serious student mode, but I’ve got a few trampoline burns on my ankle and knees as a friendly reminder to take it, or myself, too seriously.

From KAIC,

- Megan Mizuta 

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

Here’s a video of Averey, one of our newest Ambassadors, taking on the foam pit.