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Car Trouble

Since the weather has been getting increasingly wonderful here, my friends Kristin, Rachel, Ruth and I decided to go shopping for some new clothes. First we hit the Old Navy in Nampa, partly to shop and partly to visit our friend Sarah while she was at work. Then we drove over to the Boise Towne Center to do some more shopping and spent a block of several hours in H&M, trying on just about everything they had, then Forever 21.

By then, it was 7:00, and we wanted to be back on campus for the play, The Gut Girls, by 7:30, so we carried our bags of stuff out to the parking lot, were just settling in and buckling our seatbelts, and Ruth was remembering she left her water bottle in the mall when Kristin's car (ChaCha) died. None of us know a whole lot about cars, but we figured we probably just needed a jump start.

Luckily, I recalled from Driver's Ed in high school that if four girls stand around looking confused or distraught in the middle of a parking lot with the hood up on their car, some nice person surely will stop and help them. So that was our first plan of attack---but even the mall cop didn't really notice us. So we flagged down a middle-aged couple to ask if they could give us a jump, but they didn't have their jumper cables, and neither did we.

Kristin has AAA, butshe didn't have her card on her, so she was working on getting the information from her mom over the phone when a super nice truck rolled up next to us to ask if we needed help. We explained that we just needed a jump. They said they would go to Sears and buy some jumper cables and be right back. We thought that was extremely generous, albeit probably unnecessary, but they were insistent. They came back and tried to jump our car, but it didn't help. They pushed the car into a parking spot before they left. We thanked them and called AAA; the rep suggested a tow truck. 

We got some food while we waited for the tow truck and when he arrived, he also tried to jump start the car. Then he got down behind the car and started hitting stuff and shaking the car, which was loud, but proved to be ineffective. So, he loaded ChaCha up onto the back of his truck, and we got in the cab, and he drove us back to Caldwell. As he was unloading the car into the parking lot at school, someone from Campus Safety rolled up to make sure that he wasn't stealing someone's car. We assured her that he wasn't, and chatted with her for a few minutes (our Campus Safety is seriously the best--she even offered to drive us back to our dorms since it was windy out). 

We ended up missing the play, but luckily there is another show next week. I'm just glad that Kristin's car died in the parking lot, not on the freeway, and I hope that it makes a speedy recovery. 

- Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.

Photo: Kristin mourning the death of her Jeep, ChaCha.