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Busy Bees

I think the number of school days left is inversely proportional to the number of events happening. With only three weekends remaining, everyone and everything is getting crammed in. Here’s a breakdown of this weekend:


Spring Discovery Day: This is for juniors and sophomores in high school to get their first introduction to C of I. There are roughly 160 visitors to the College today, and the ambassadors and admission staff are out in full force.

Senior Art Show Opening: The art show may run for a few weeks, but today is the opening reception. That means there will be free cheese and wine to accompany the culminating display of our senior art students' work.

Spring Formal: Put on by Greek Council, this is our chance to fete somewhere in Boise for a night. The school will send busloads of us over to the Knitting Factory tonight for a good time. It’s like prom with no day dates, no corsages, no pictures, no dinner and a bar for those 21+ kids. So really, it’s nothing like prom except for it’s springtime date.

Parents Weekend, Part I: This is the first parent’s weekend that C of I has had while I’ve been here, and apparently there are 100+ parents signed up. Friday’s events include the senior art show and a game night.


Student Research Conference: Since we’re partying on Friday, the SRC is a chance to reassert our academic personas in time for finals. The SRC is a pretty serious event that many a researching student has put a lot of time into. There will be a combination of presentations, performances, and poster displays to showcase the academic projects that students of various disciplines have been working on throughout the year. The SRC runs throughout the day, and features presentations from the Winter 2013 Australia trip, musical interpretations of Shel Silverstein, and lots of sagebrush data, to name a few projects.

Parents Weekend, Part II: Saturday’s events start off with breakfast with President Henberg, then the SRC, and a few solid hours of baseball. Following that, there’s a BBQ in McCain, and a Quiz Bowl to round out the night. My parents are coming the whole long way from Boise for some of Saturday’s festivities. 

Toga: Rumor has it that today the statue of Boone was garbed in a toga, signifying an impending toga party.  The funniest part of Toga happens after the party, when wise RAs put trashcans outside the dorm entrances as receptacles for those bed sheets turned togas that no amount of washing could ever hope to salvage.


Homework Panic: This is not an official event, but I guarantee that’s what a good portion of students are going to be doing on Sunday. All the essays, extension projects, and term projects come due about now, and I for one will be cracking away at my 18-page Bronte paper.

PaddleBoarding with OP: Outdoor Progam is putting on a trip to Lake Lowell to do some paddleboarding. Anyone not in a homework panic can hit this one up. 

From Anderson,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

This picture is from the Quad, where all the trees just finished up blooming, and are now turning green.