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Bring This, Not That

Even though I’m headed into my junior year of college, the call of school supplies still draws me in.  Anymore though it doesn’t stop at the requisite paper, pencils, and binders. Instead, my shopping list has kept on expanding with the years.

Before my freshman year, I was all about finding the perfect duvet cover for my double in Simplot. Before my sophomore year, I made a pilgrimage to Ikea for a rug and curtains to cover the open closets in my Anderson single. This year, I’m shopping to fill up the two-person Village apartment I’ll be sharing with my roommate Katharine.

Village apartments come fully furnished with a couch, chair, kitchen table, and kitchen chairs, plus the normal bedroom implements. But I’m on the hunt for all the other things needed to make an apartment work—namely dishware and kitchen supplies. And maybe some throw pillows. My roommate, who is currently interning in an Idaho senator’s office in D.C., lived in the Village last year, so I’ll trust her knowledge of what assorted cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items I need to bring. (Vacuum, anyone?)

Even though I’m not an expert on Village living yet, I had dorm living down pretty well. So if you’re an eager freshmen bound for Anderson, Simplot, or Hayman, here’s what I’d recommend getting (and not getting) for your dorm room: 

Get it:

  • Tide Pods—for your laundry convenience, detergent and softener in one that will never leak all over your floor.
  • A laundry bag, not a basket—you’ll go up and down a minimum of one flight of stairs to do laundry, and a maximum of four (they’re in the basement). The laundry bag is easier to carry, and can be left atop the machines to claim it as yours.
  • A Swifer—a basic one of these things will take care of all the nasty grass/leaves/long hair/dirt that will (and I promise, it will) get tracked into your tile-floored room.
  • Commands strips—because they’ll keep your posters and hooks up on the wall all year, and keep you from getting fined for putting nail holes in the wall.
  • Slippers—Anderson, Hayman, and Simplot have tile floors. Painfully cold floors before an 8 a.m. class are a bad incentive for getting up and being on time. Slippers help neutralize this threat to class attendance.
  • A Surge Protector—because no one wants your $2000 laptop to get fried while you’re charging it.

Just Don’t:

  • A Microwave—because A.) burnt popcorn sets off fire alarms and B.) do you really want your room to reek of Cup a Noodles 24/7?  Besides, there are ones in the dorm kitchen that you can use.
  • A Printer—C of I’s got free printing, and you’re probably just going to run out of ink anyway.

From Boise,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

P.S. This picture is from when I moved out of Anderson this May.