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Back to Idaho

So in my previous post, I mentioned that the post was going to be possibly the last one from India. Somewhat true. As I write this, I am sitting in New Delhi Airport, waiting for my flight to Frankfurt. So in a manner, this is my last post from India. It is just a matter of convenience that I will upload it online when I reach Frankfurt, with its glorious 30 minutes of free internet.

The flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt is 8 hours. I depart at 0235 on the 28th. I wait for 2.5 hours in Frankfurt, then get on an 11.5 hour long flight to San Francisco. There I wait for 4 hours, to clear customs, hoping that they do not consider my Indian spices to be illegal narcotics. Then I get on a 3 hour flight to Boise. And arrive on 1900 on the 28th.

Now all y'all smart kids are going to college riddle me this. I just covered 7,000 miles in apparently 15 odd hours. Magic, innit?

I am going to affix a photo I took of the banks of the Dal Lake, for your benefit. The rows of light on the side are house boats, a picturesque sight common on the lakes of Kashmir.

Next time I write something, I will be stateside. See y'all there.


- Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a senior art major from Jammu, India.